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Poetry In Motion

A collection of Poems


Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings. A good poetry book for young adults has the best words in the best order. At Bloomettes by Landy, you will find our best-selling Amous poetry book for sale online that could be a perfect gift for your loved ones on Christmas Eve, festivities, and celebrations!

Linda Fleming has enthralled and enchanted readers from various schools of thought, backgrounds, and faith with her universal and inspirational themes of spiritual reckoning, friendship, love, and more! With her timeless and evanescent poetic elegance, Linda Fleming has beautifully woven words into over 200 different impactful poems.

The book begins with over 70+ Christian-based teachings evoking the humble truth, “Can His faithfulness use us to liberate others to walk in the light?” Covering a large portion of her emotional journey to the right path, the author speaks about her spiritual daybreak, her relationship with God, and how it affects her life while giving her strength and growth. In this book, she explains the entire journey between a man and God through her poetry books for young adults. She tells her readers how a man’s faith works as the bridge between him and God and helps him seek God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Linda’s poems speak of the void within man’s heart, tears, and sorrow, and how his love for God, his faithfulness, and his belief earn him God’s mercy, His praise, and His will. She correlates a man’s struggle and hardships with a broken vessel going through hard times and asking God to show the way out.

Linda has also dedicated some sections to her family, friends, poets, 9/11, Christmas, and barn cats. She has also dedicated some of her poems to her mother after she passed away.


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