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The festive season is here! Do you lack inspiration for gifts?

All year long, artists put forth a ton of effort because they are art businesses! So, when the holidays arrive, it’s the ideal moment to show them how much you value all they do by giving them a present that is very thoughtful and from the heart. We decided to assist because we love artists, too, even though it typically entails a lot of planning, investigation, and purchasing time.

See our list of Christmas gift suggestions for artists below for various presents that will inspire them, simplify their lives, and appeal to their creative side.

Block-Busting Journals with Creativity

Why not assist artists to buy large paintings online to be ready for creativity block when it occurs? Every artist experiences it at some point in their career. There are many entertaining ways to get out of a rut, like Complete This Drawing books, interactive notebooks like The Steal Like an Artist or Creative Block, and sketchbooks with motivational prompts like 642 Things to Draw.

Membership at an art museum

Is there a museum of art close to where you reside? Artists may explore, find inspiration, and learn more about the past, present, and future of the art world in museums. Additionally, they might not consider rewarding themselves for it! Many yearly memberships are also less expensive than you might expect; for instance, individual memberships at the Denver Art Museum cost just $55.

Gift Card for Art Supplies

Concerning studio equipment and supplies, when we asked artists to list the finest presents they’ve ever gotten, a gift voucher to their preferred art supply store came out on top. Simple, yet so adored by painters at all skill levels! Certificates are available from Blick Art Materials online or delivered right to your home. Or check to see if your neighborhood art supply business is also giving out any discounts!

Postcards in a Set

In addition to producing, there are other techniques to stimulate your creativity. Give them a set of humorous postcards to make their day better. Encourage them to exchange letters with other creative people (hello, pen pals!) or pull them out anytime they need a break in the studio. Our preferred? Various well-known pieces from The Met, these vintage Monet or VanGogh collections, and this collection of 100 Pantone samples for color enthusiasts!

Books on Art

Starting your own art company might be challenging since you no longer have an established support network. There isn’t a manager you can go to when you start questioning your development or someone instructing you what time to arrive at the studio. Therefore, books are the ideal solution! It’s a real location where you can go for ideas or business guidance to make artists feel less isolated on their journey! Artist Dana Piazza remembers Art/Work as among the nicest presents he’s ever received. Here are some of our other book suggestions.

Inventive Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes the tiniest presents may make the season brightest! Check out our suggestions for adorable stocking stuffers: little easels to spruce up your workstation or dining table. Socks with images from well-known artists, including Degas, Picasso, Klimt, and Monet. Garden seed packages that support regional creative a table runner with a chalkboard for imaginative dining of all ages. Or a funny graphic T-shirt that will make them smile.

A tour of public art

Some presents don’t require packaging at all! Give your artist a tour of the city’s public works of art. Discover what’s around, map it, and learn interesting trivia about each installation. You’ll have a terrific day to remember if you include a fun lunch location!

Interior Design

Does inspiration lack in your painting studio? This holiday season, buy affordable art online to brighten your workspace with colorful décors, such as a cozy chair for breaks. A set of quirky pillows or coffee cups with their paintings for sale at cheap pricing offers a new stool to relieve back discomfort or a roll of unique wallpaper for an accent wall!


Collection of Artwork Subscription

Competent artists can launch their art business in 2020 with easy business administration. With Artwork Archive, users can keep track of their artwork, locations, sales, exhibits, contacts, and more using feature-rich, potent, and simple-to-use art inventory software. Additionally, create professional reports with just one click, such as invoices, wall labels, and portfolio pages, and provide them with a simple method for posting their original artwork for sale online. At their next jam-packed gallery opening, they’ll thank you!

Unique Art

Artists adore art! And they’ve probably hinted at who their artist crushes are on. The nicest present ever, according to artist Tammy Medlin was a painting by one of her favorite painters. Another excellent notion? A watercolor painting of herself painted by her best artist friend was Tina Tepe’s favorite gift, which she described as a complete surprise. Spend the extra money on fascinating ceramic pieces or a charming image of your pet, house, or preferred vacation place. And here are some more selections from our “Original Art Gift Guide.”

Magazine Subscription for Artists

Anything that artists might not buy but would like to indulge in? A subscription to their preferred art publication. Some of our faves include Juxtapoz Magazine for news about the arts and culture, Professional Artist Magazine for innovative art business ideas, and PleinAir Magazine for outdoor painters.

Art History Holiday

Theresa Heinrichs, an artist, won the lottery with her all-time favorite gift: a surprise trip to France to view Monet and Van Gogh’s masterpieces! If you’re going to dream, make it a huge one!

Coloring Books for Adults

Artists occasionally want to create without being under any pressure! So it’s about time if your artist hasn’t joined the adult coloring book trend. They won’t have enough words to express gratitude for the gift of calm and tension-free. These favorites come highly recommended by Oprah!

Ultimate Love and Support

What could mean more to your artist than your unwavering support of their dreams? The finest presents come from the heart. When asked what her favorite present was, Shana Kohnstamm responded, “The freedom and support to pursue art-making as my main employment. Thank you, dear! Remind your artist of your pride in them, and their appreciation for you will never fade.

This time of year!

We hope that this list of presents for artists will give you some inspiration for the artists in your life! Whatever you decide to give this holiday season, remember that the finest presents are those given from the heart. Want more inspiring concepts? The Holiday Gift Guide for Artists from last year is available here.