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Good Day!


My name is Linda, and I welcome you to my website. I will be selling art, my books, pressed flowers that I made into cards, and bookmarks on my site.

I also work with other sites and would be happy to put one of my prints of oil or acrylics in one of their frames for you. Unfortunately, I can’t sell originals, but I can have a print made on canvas and frame it with an antique gold Illusion frame of 16 x 20.

I started painting in oil in 1994 after my divorce at 45 years old. In 1997 I remarried.  He was an artist and author, and in 2000 we moved on to a farm in Wisconsin. In 2020 my paintings went from oil to acrylic. While living on the farm, I worked with pastels and watercolors. During those years, I picked flowers and began pressing them to create cards and bookmarks. Eventually, I started my business and started to sell them at the local gift shops. That’s where “Bloomettes by Landy” was created.

Landy was a nickname given to me by my late husband while we were dating. He wrote to me, and instead of calling me “Lady,” he misspelled it, and I was nicknamed “Landy.” Unfortunately, he passed away in October of 2012.

My writing started in 1988 by journaling, and in 1992, the journals became reflections. While sitting on the back deck that first spring of 1998, I started writing my first story. Here is where my passion for writing took off. While living on the farm, I wrote most of my poems and more stories. They all have a beginning, middle, and end. They have a title, the characters are developed, and the storyline has formed. Now I need to finish them.

My first book, Poetry In Motion, was published in 2016 after my husband passed away. I’m working on a story, Never Before In History, which I hope to publish this year.

Due to fibromyalgia, I’m not able to write or paint as often as I would like. Recently, I’ve come to embrace each day and whatever God has for me: writing, painting, working in the garden, or claiming a day of rest.

It’s vital to move forward in these gifts God has blessed me with. Every day is a Day Spring, a gift from God.

I’m hoping to do two blogs a week. So please feel free to stop by, say hello, and comment. God Bless your day and the rest of your week.