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Bloomettes By Landy

Goodnight poems for her


Love doesn’t need any language. It can be expressed by anything; a read-worthy book, a lovely card, a charming painting, or a pressed flower art. Bloomettes by Landy offers a great collection of valuables you can gift your loved ones on Christmas Eve, festivities, and celebrations!

Greetings from Linda Fleming!

Linda Fleming is a veteran writer, author, artist, and blogger working independently since 1994. She is a self-taught artist who has honed her skills over the years and incorporated them into her writings and art. She has penned a best-selling book, Amous Poetry Books, in Motion, for the clean heart and rightful spirits!

Linda’s contribution to drama art, prose, fiction, writing, and more is helping preach, awaken, and transform the hungered souls looking to seek wisdom, guidance, direction, hope, and comfort from the teachings of the Divine.

Besides book and blog writing, Linda is also an art lover. She is an expert at creating splendid and sensational masterpieces harnessing her artistic flair to add more value and depth to her work. Her sense of expressing ideas and emotions through her paintings is truly incredible. Her work, featuring mesmerizing paintings, small art cards, beautifully preserved vintage pressed flower art, and books, is regarded as a chef-d’oeuvre of modern art.

Visit the Bloomettes by Landy store and browse an excellent range of Linda’s original art for sale, including books, cards, pictures from pressed flowers, paintings, and much more…

It has survived not only five centuries but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.


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